Behavior Analysis

Access Charter School will utilize the Behavior Improvement Plan (BIP) developed by the parent/guardian and the school team as the driving point for decreasing and eliminating challenging behaviors. Use of Positive Behavior Support will be evident in the student’s BIP recognizing the reinforcement of replacement behaviors and offering choices to students throughout the school day.

Our behavior team consists of Registered Behavior Technicians and a Behavior Analyst certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Teachers, assistants, and other staff members who interact with the students are trained in Professional Crisis Management (PCM), a management and intervention program that teaches strategies for the prevention and de-escalation of crisis situations as well as how to safely intervene in a behavioral crisis. Like our Speech and Language Therapists, our behavior team follows an integrated approach to behavior management. All of our behavior techs are integrated into the classrooms on a daily basis and are able to provide direct support as needed.

Our behavior analyst is an integral part of the IEP team and provides a variety of behavior evaluations and assessments. Tools such as functional behavior assessment, data collection, and skill assessments are all used to help develop positive behavior intervention plans (BIP) for students as needed. Data is collected on a daily basis for students with a BIP. Behavior graphs and reports are closely monitored and parents receive quarterly reports. Continued data collection and observation will be maintained by the school staff to recognize progress or a need for change in the BIP. In the case a change in the plan is necessary the parent/guardian will be included in the team meeting. All decisions will be based on collected data and observations.

It is the expectation that all students are able to function in a minimum of a 3:1 student to teacher ratio in the classroom. If a student’s behavior impedes their ability to function within those ratios, the behavior team, classroom team and administration team will meet with parents to discuss options for continuing in the program. In order to maintain a safe school environment for all students, teachers, and staff students who exhibit severe behaviors of aggression that require restrictive interventions will be monitored closely to determine continued eligibility in the program. A need for the above-mentioned services would require a higher adult to student ratio than 3:1 that will not be provided at Access Charter School.