Mission Statement

Access Charter School is a 6 – 12 grade exceptional education program designed to meet the needs of students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and students with significant cognitive and social skill delays and their families. With a commitment to outstanding academic, vocational, and functional life programs it is our mission to provide each student an educational environment which fosters understanding, compassion, and respect. Through partnerships with students, families, and the community Access Charter School is dedicated to meeting the individual education, social, and emotional needs of each student. It is with this commitment that our students will be prepared to live meaningful and productive post-school lives.

Program Goals

  1. Access Charter School will use the guiding principles for charter schools as established by F.S. 1002.33(2) (a) to meet the statutorily defined purposes of a charter school.
    • Dedication to the individual education needs of each student through the use of innovative learning methods
    • Maintain high expectations for students identified as academically low achieving
    • Utilize research based instructional strategies and curriculum to promote student achievement and success
    • Increase choice of learning opportunities for students
    • Recognize student achievement through the use of state approved assessments, as appropriate, and alterative assessments for students with disabilities
  2. Access Charter School will meet the Prescribed Purposes for charter schools as found in F.S. 1002.33(2) (b).
    • Increase learning gains among all students through the use of innovative learning methods and curriculums across all learning environments
    • Provide opportunities for student learning within both the school setting and the community
    • Evaluate student academic achievement by the completion of mid-year and annual assessments
    • Acknowledge the individual educational needs of each student in order to provide the most appropriate instructional strategies
  3. Access Charter School will meet the Optional Purposes of charter schools as found in F.S. 1002.33(2) (c).
    • Expand the capacity of the public-school system by increasing academic and vocational opportunities for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Create an environment of continuous learning by creating new professional opportunities for teachers, including ownership of the learning program at the school site
    • Enhance the high standards of the Exceptional Student Education programs in the District and State levels

What we offer our studentsAt Access Charter School, we aim to give our students what they need to live meaningful and productive post-school lives.

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Speech and Language

Speech and Language therapy plays an important role in both our middle and high school programs. Students identified as having Speech and language services on their IEP receive daily integrated language therapy in order to maximize the potential for developing effective communication skills... Learn More

Occupation and Physical Therapy

Occupational and Physical therapy are provided through the educational model for those students identified as having Occupational and or Physical Therapy on their individual education plan (IEP)... Learn More

Behavioral Analisys

Access Charter School will utilize the Behavior Improvement Plan (BIP) developed by the parent/guardian and the school team as the driving point for decreasing and eliminating challenging behaviors... Learn More


Access Charter School provides vocational and functional life skills training through job shadowing and volunteer work opportunities in the community. Students receive an Individualized Vocational Portfolio at the completion of the program... Learn More