We understand that the academic needs of each student varies based on their individual ability levels. Our team of teachers and therapists incorporate a variety of instructional materials that are both innovating and scientifically proven to foster academic growth. Examples of these curriculums include:

  • i-Ready- English Language Arts and Math
  • Moby Max- ELA, Math, Science
  • Attainment’s Teaching to the Standards- Math, Science, Social Studies, Social Skills, Life Skills
  • Attainment’s Explore Series- Social Studies, Vocational, Math, Science, Social Skills
  • Unique Learning System- ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Vocational Skills, Life Skills
  • News 2 You- Current Events, Social Skills, Life Skills
  • Brain Pop- Health, Science, Social Studies, Social Skills
  • PCI- Reading, Vocabulary, Social Skills, Independent Functioning Skills
  • Language Live- ELA
  • Life Centered Career Education (LCCE)- Vocational and Transition Skills