Uniform Policy

All Access Charter students are required to dress each day in a school uniform. The uniform will be:

  • Shirt from Dennis Uniforms (ACS T-shirt or Polo)
  • Khaki Shorts/Long Pants
  • Khaki Shorts/Long Pants may not be cargo or have side pockets
  • Closed toe shoes

Students age 18 and up may wear appropriate business casual clothing. Business casual clothing is considered:

  • Collared/Button Down shirts
  • Appropriate shorts/long pants (jeans, tights, etc. are not acceptable)
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Students in the Vocational work program may be required to wear specific uniforms based on the work site location

Students who arrive to school in clothing that is not acceptable (jeans, t-shirts, etc.) or not the school uniform will be sent home.

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Dennis Uniform