Board of Directors

Access Charter School, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors. Board members are considered and selected based on their skills, knowledge, and expertise to assist the school in achieving its mission. The Board of Directors include representatives from the field of education, business professionals, community leaders, and parents/guardians.

The Board of Directors meets quarterly on the school campus. All meetings are open to the public and public notification is provided in parent newsletters, our web-site, and on the school bulletin board. Board members may be contacted by emailing

Parents/Guardians who have a concern or grievance with the school and/or it’s policies and procedures may contact the Executive Director, Roger Watkins at If the grievance is not settled further investigation may include the school Board of Directors. Additionally, if a need to request a Special Magistrate is necessary the parties involved would request further evaluation through representative of the local school district, following FLDOE Special Magistrate procedures.

  • Marisa Bradbury - Treasurer
  • Roberto Fonseca - Board Member at Large
  • Lori Georgeanna - Secretary
  • Kyle Havill - Chairman
  • Alice Ramadan - Board Member at Large
  • Tina Webster - Board Member at Large