High School

All students in our high school program are working towards earning a Standard Diploma with Access Points

Paths to Success

Pre-Vocational and Life Skills Path

Students working towards the Pre-Vocational and Life Skills path are working on a modified curriculum aligned with the Florida Standards Access Points in the classroom. In addition to functional academics, students work on pre-requisite skills to help prepare for possible employment opportunities in the community. Students gain hands on experience working in our on-campus Workshop and Snack Shop. Students working on the Pre-Vocational and Life Skills path participate in the Florida Standards Alternate Assessment in the Spring.

Vocational Path

Students working towards the Vocational path have met the pre-requisite academic courses and are focused on employment development. These students attend on the job training at various business and organizations within the community. They are supervised by trained job coaches and are assessed using Casey Life Skills Assessment and the Transition Planning Inventory. Eligible students participate in the Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) and STARS program through Vocational Rehabilitation services.

Community Business Partners